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Our team of coaches at Zenith Tennis Academy are fully committed to the ongoing development and enjoyment of our players. We all share the same love of the game, and are passionate about what tennis can offer each individual. As a team, we all work together and discuss lesson plans, coaching philosophies, etc, enabling us to provide a consistently high quality service with each session.

As we all have a background in learning, playing, and competing in the sport, we understand first-hand what our players are feeling on the court, from the beginner level up to tournament level. There can be many different emotions/feelings involved when learning a sport (or any skill!) as we don’t often get it perfect the first time, so we believe that it is important for coaches to be able to relate to their players so that they can best guide their development.

Stephen Hoh

Head Coach/Director

  • Tennis Australia Level 2 Club Professional
  • Previously coached at several of the leading tennis academies/clubs in Victoria
  • Currently working with Nationally Ranked players
  • ATP ranked in singles and doubles
  • Played NCAA Division 1 College Tennis (graduated from the University of Illinois)
  • Represented Australia in the Junior Davis Cup

Age Started Tennis: 9

Most Memorable Tennis Experience: Forming unbreakable friendships with my college tennis teammates; celebrating the great wins with them and supporting each other after tough losses.

Why Do You Coach?: I have personally gained a lot from tennis in terms of experiences and lessons learned, and wish to pass on the same opportunities to the next generation of players

Favourite Part of Coaching?: Seeing the development of a player’s skills over time, both mental and physical, especially the growth in confidence

Coaching Mantra: Simple is better

Stephen is the Head Coach of Heathmont Tennis Club and director of Zenith Tennis Academy. He is a Tennis Australia Level 2 Club Professional coach, and is experienced in coaching players of all ages and abilities. Stephen thoroughly enjoys seeing players develop a keen love of the game and a strong drive to improve, and derives great satisfaction from seeing beginners grow in confidence and skill while developing goals. He is also passionate about working with performance-based juniors who are actively striving towards creating life opportunities with their tennis.

Stephen has also had extensive experience as a player himself; after a strong junior tennis career where he had the privilege of representing Victoria and Australia, Stephen received a scholarship to play Division 1 College Tennis in the US. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Business Process Management, after which he returned to Melbourne to begin his coaching career. Stephen’s playing experience gives him a strong insight into the types of physical and mental challenges that junior players go through when learning the game, as well as how to best navigate those obstacles.

Stephen’s greatest motivation in coaching comes from his knowledge and personal experience of how much tennis can benefit someone’s life, whether it be daily happiness from playing, or the pursuit of life-changing opportunities and the lessons learned from being committed to a goal.

As the director of Zenith Tennis Academy, Stephen is committed to developing opportunities and clear pathways of progression for each player, and works closely with the other coaches in creating programs that foster the development and enjoyment of all players.

Andrew Tzikas


  • ATPCA Graduate Professional Level 1 (Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association)
  • International tennis experience (Asia, Europe)
  • Extensive tournament experience
  • Spent 3 months intensive training at the Rafael Nadal Academy in Spain

Why Do You Coach?: “I have acquired a broad range of knowledge travelling and experiencing tennis in new environments, and I wish to use this to inspire and help students achieve their goals”

Favourite Part of Coaching?: “Helping players overcome mental, physical, and technical struggles and helping them to perform”

Coaching Mantra: “Positivity is your best friend”

Andrew has worked with Head Coach Stephen for the past 5 years and plays a major role in coaching at Zenith Tennis Academy. He runs lessons for all ages and abilities, including junior groups, adult lessons, and Cardio Tennis.

Andrew started playing tennis at 12 years old, training extensively and competing in tournaments. He brings a wealth of knowledge, having trained internationally in Spain, as well as locally with some of the most highly-acclaimed coaches in Melbourne.

Jason Renneboogh


  • Current Heathmont TC Pennant Player
  • Long-time member of the Heathmont TC community

Why Do You Coach?: “Coaching allows me to be on the court more and allows me to develop the talent of other players. This also helps me understand the game from a more educated point of view, which adds benefit to my own game too”

Favourite Part of Coaching?: “Watching a player develop from someone who struggles to hit a ball, to becoming a good player and playing with confidence and energy”

Coaching Mantra: “Nobody should expect more of you than you expect yourself”

Jason is an energetic coach who is great with kids, and loves seeing the continuous development of his students. Jason is one of our best Hot Shots coaches and is able to keep his kids engaged with his enthusiasm and fun activities.

Jason is also heavily involved at the club as a player, and represents Heathmont in Night Competition as well as Tennis Victoria Pennant.

Chris Vines


  • Heathmont TC Junior Club Champ 2015-17
  • Long-time member of the Heathmont TC community

Why Do You Coach?: “I coach because I enjoy developing the tennis skills of young tennis players; it gives me great joy watching them progress and improve each time they come onto the court”

Favourite Part of Coaching?: “Running fun and enjoyable drills; it’s great to see the kids acting excited and engaged while improving their game at the same time”

Coaching Mantra: “Hard work pays off”

Chris started tennis at 5 years old, and developed into one of Heathmont’s strongest ever junior players. Now as a coach, Chris is passionate about developing the next generation of players, and works with players of all ages and abilities.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys going for runs and keeping fit, as well as playing tennis with his younger brother Sam.

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