ANZ Tennis Hot Shots

Hot Shots is for children aged approximately 4-10yrs, with a strong focus on fun and developing the basics of tennis.

Using modified courts, equipment, and balls, the environment is perfectly suited for kids to maximise learning.

The lower compression balls bounce at a height more appropriate for kids (instead of bouncing over their heads!), so they are able to effectively learn the fundamentals of the game while having greater success on the court.

There are 3 stages of Hot Shots: Red, Orange, Green.


Ages: 4-7yrs

Balls: 25% compression (Red)

Court: 6m x 10.97m

Recommended Racquet Size: 21-23 inches


Ages: 7-9yrs

Balls: 50% compression (Orange)

Court: 6.4m x 18.29m

Recommended Racquet Size: 23-25 inches


Ages: 9+

Balls: 75% compression (Green)

Court: 10.97m x 23.78m (full court)

Recommended Racquet Size: 25-27 inches

The ages shown above are approximate guidelines.
Kids will be taught the fundamentals at each stage, and when they are able to consistently demonstrate their ability, they will be progressed to the next stage.

To register for ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, please contact us on 0490 125 302 or, or register interest online via the button below.

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