Our team of coaches at Zenith Tennis Academy are fully committed to the ongoing development and enjoyment of our players. We all share the same love of the game, and are passionate about what tennis can offer each individual. As a team, we all work together and discuss lesson plans, coaching philosophies, etc, enabling us to provide a consistently high quality service with each session.

As we all have a background in learning, playing, and competing in the sport, we understand first-hand what our players are feeling on the court, from the beginner level up to tournament level. There can be many different emotions/feelings involved when learning a sport (or any skill!) as we don’t often get it perfect the first time, so we believe that it is important for coaches to be able to relate to their players so that they can best guide their development.

Stephen is the Head Coach of Heathmont Tennis Club and director of Zenith Tennis Academy. He is a Tennis Australia Level 2 Club Professional coach, and is experienced in coaching players of all ages and abilities.


Stephen thoroughly enjoys seeing players develop a keen love of the game and a strong drive to improve, and derives great satisfaction from seeing beginners grow in confidence and skill while developing goals. He is also passionate about working with performance-based juniors who are actively striving towards creating life opportunities with their tennis.


After an extensive playing career, which included representing Australia in the Junior Davis Cup, achieving an ATP singles and doubles ranking, and playing NCAA D1 College Tennis at the University of Illinois, Stephen returned to Melbourne to begin his coaching career. Stephen's playing experience gives him a strong insight into the types of physical and mental challenges that junior players go through when learning the game, as well as how to best navigate those obstacles.


Stephen's greatest motivation in coaching comes from his knowledge and personal experience of how much tennis can benefit someone's life, whether it be day-to-day enjoyment from playing, or the pursuit of life-changing opportunities and the lessons learned from being committed to a goal.


As the director of Zenith Tennis Academy, Stephen is committed to developing opportunities and clear pathways of progression for each player, and works closely with the other coaches in creating programs that foster the development and enjoyment of all players.

Andrew brings a great amount of energy to his coaching, as well as a terrific sense of humour. His favourite part of coaching is helping players overcome mental, physical, and technical struggles, and seeing them conquer challenges they thought were impossible. He lives by the mantra “positivity is your best friend”, and works tirelessly to instill this attitude in his students.


Andrew has worked with Head Coach Stephen for the past 5 years and plays a major role in coaching at Zenith Tennis Academy. He runs lessons for all ages and abilities, including junior groups, adult lessons, and Cardio Tennis. He is one of our most popular coaches, as the players love the energy that he brings.


Andrew started his own tennis journey at 12 years old, training extensively and competing in tournaments. He brings a wealth of knowledge, having trained internationally in Spain at Rafael Nadal’s Academy, as well as locally with some of the most highly-acclaimed coaches in Melbourne.

Jason is our designated “King of the Kids”, and is a massive hit with our Hot Shots players. He has an unrivaled love of the game, and brings a tremendous amount of energy to every lesson. Jason is known around the club as having all the current scores and rankings of professional players uploaded in his head somehow, and has a vast array of ‘unheard-of’ tennis statistics at his disposal.


Jason is also heavily involved at the club as a player, and has been for the past 10+ years. He currently represents Heathmont TC in night competition and Tennis Victoria Pennant, and is nationally ranked in Australia. Jason is always striving to improve his own tennis, and his passion for development carries over to his students.


Jason’s favourite part of coaching is watching a player develop from struggling to hit a ball, to becoming a good player with confidence and energy. He finds coaching an extremely rewarding experience, and loves seeing the enjoyment his students get from playing.

Chris is one of our passionate young coaches, and is dedicated to the progression of his students. He has an extremely caring personality, and is able to relate well to his players. Chris has been involved at the club for over 10 years, and takes great pride in seeing how the juniors progress over the years.

After picking up a racquet for the first time at 8 years old, Chris developed into one of Heathmont's strongest ever junior players, winning our club championships 5 times in a row. Chris has achieved success at AMT level too, and is a great role model for our up-and-coming juniors. Now as a coach, Chris is passionate about developing the next generation of players, and works with players of all ages and abilities.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys going for runs and keeping fit, as well as playing tennis with his younger brother Sam. He loves the saying “hard work pays off”, and how it is relevant to all areas of life.

Luke has been an integral part of the Heathmont tennis community for the past 10 years, and is the newest member of our coaching staff. He relates extremely well to kids, and coaches players of all abilities. Luke appreciates experiencing different cultures, and can speak conversational Mandarin and Indonesian.


Having had an active lifestyle since childhood, Luke has participated in several different sports throughout his years in school, representing his region in cross country running and doing 5 years of hip-hop dancing. Luke is an accomplished tennis player, having played in the highest section of junior competition in the Eastern Region, and having a national Australian ranking through his success in tournaments.


Luke’s passion for coaching comes from his natural desire to entertain children, and enjoys “putting a smile on kid’s faces”. He loves seeing his students leave the court happy and positive, and finds the experience extremely rewarding.