Enrollments: Coaching participants are enrolled for the entire term (typically 9-10 weeks). New mid-term enrollments are welcome.

Lesson Payments: Lessons are paid for on a term by term basis. All coaching participants enrolled for the term will be emailed an invoice prior to the term commencing. This is to be paid by the end of Week 3 or through an agreed-upon payment plan. If enrolled mid-term, invoices will be due after 2 weeks.

Refunds: Refunds will generally not be given unless under exceptional circumstances (eg, missing several weeks of the term due to travel/injury). If missing a lesson, make-ups will be available, but must be requested.

Make-up Lessons: The last week of each term is set aside for make-ups and lessons missed during the term (eg, weather, public holidays, illness, travel, etc). Additional make-ups may also available during the term. If missing a lesson, to be entitled to a make-up, we must be notified prior to the lesson. To schedule a make-up lesson, please contact us to request one.

Wet/Hot Weather: In the event of a washout or heatout, coaching participants will be notified via SMS, and will be entitled to a make-up lesson. The last week of the term is allocated for make-ups and missed lessons.