At Zenith, we believe that tennis is a game that can add positivity to every player’s life, no matter age or ability.

We focus on three key areas to provide a positive and engaging tennis experience for all: Enjoyment, Development, and Opportunity.

Every player has different goals and intentions with their tennis, hence they want different things from their weekly tennis experience. However, we can condense everyone’s needs down to these three core areas which, when fulfilled, lead to engagement in the sport and a lifetime of fun.



This is the number one reason why everyone first picks up the racquet; we want to have fun. Yes, we may be looking to get something else out of the sport (eg, improved fitness, new friends, new opportunities, etc), but ultimately we all begin playing tennis because it is fun to hit a ball around. No matter a player’s age, ability, or goals in tennis, enjoyment is always the first priority as it determines whether or not we continue playing the sport. 

Different people find enjoyment in different areas of the game; one player may simply enjoy hitting the ball back and forth, while another player may really enjoy the competitive aspect of tennis. It is our job as coaches to find out what makes each player tick, and to engage them in the sport accordingly.

What we love seeing are players clearly having a great time on the court, laughing, and leaving the tennis club with a smile.



One of the keys to long-term engagement in tennis is having a player feel like they are progressing, and recognising their own improvements. It is a very motivating feeling to know that the work you are putting in is resulting in a reward of some kind. People tend to like to do things that they are good at, so simply put, a key part of our job is to help our players get better at tennis.

The main components of tennis are Technical, Tactical, Psychological, and Physical, and players need to be adept in all of these areas. Efficient technique allows shots to be executed easier. Tactical awareness leads to players being able to analyse situations and formulate game plans on their own. A strong psyche means a player is willing and able to overcome challenges, and deal with pressure in a positive way. The physical side of tennis alludes to tennis-related athleticism, which can determine how effectively a player can hit a ball.


The great thing about tennis is that there is an abundance of opportunity out there, in terms of experiences and even careers. As tennis coaches, we know that our experiences as young junior tennis players can lead to developing a passion that fuels a career, and that there is no limit on what the sport can offer.

Tennis can bring simple pleasures on a daily basis, such as the opportunity to meet new people, the opportunity to improve fitness levels, or the opportunity to play a match and get the competitive juices flowing. But it can also lead to many long-term opportunities that can have an impact on a person’s life. These include experiences such as the opportunity to play college tennis in America, or even things such as the opportunity to develop life skills such as a strong work ethic, commitment, and self-discipline.